GPA Achievement Scholarship

Theta Xi takes pride in the academic performance and achievement of our Members.  The GPA Achievement Scholarship awards Theta Xi Members who meet the following requirements:

Completed the semester as a full time student at Missouri S&T (minimum 12 credit hours)

Living in house during the term of academic performance and the term when scholarship is awarded.  Exemptions may be made for Students who leave for a co-op semester but will return to living in house the following semester.

No past due house-bill balance

3.5 minimum GPA for $300 scholarship

4.0 minimum GPA for $500 scholarship

The Alpha Psi Chapter of Theta Xi is proud to announce 11 Spring Semester 2023 GPA scholarship awards to the Men of Theta Xi (Total value of 11 awarded scholarships: $4,300).


Five Brothers who got a 4.0 GPA for the Spring 2023 term were each awarded $500 Scholarships.

(Left to Right) Alex Young (689), Scholarship Committee Chairman-John Meyer (433), Connor Shorts (703), Noah Bronstein (709), Riley Coudal (688), Ryan Maschler (705), Aidan Enyeart (710), Chapter Alumni Advisor-Garrett Olwell (663)


Six Brothers who got a 3.5 GPA for the Spring 2023 term were each awarded $300 Scholarships.

(Left to Right) Scholarship Committee Chairman-John Meyer, Zachary Graham (687), Casey Picarelli (686), Kyle Seifert (722), Charles Hern (721), Alumni Association President-Brad Hornburg (200), [Not Pictured: Henry Winfrey (706)].

Congratulations to all scholarship recipients and thank you to all of our generous alumni who contributed to our Scholarship endowment to make this possible! #AllTrueMen #ThetaXi4Life

Previous GPA Achievement Scholarship Recipients

Fall 2022 Recipients ($6000 in scholarships awarded!):

3.50 GPA $300 Scholarships x 10

AY673 Patrick Simoni, AY685 Caden Dik, AY687 Zach Graham, AY701 Matthew Gantner, AY705 Ryan Maschler, AY707 Elijah Spencer, AY708 Aaron  Geissinger, AY709 Noah Bronstein, AY711 Shafer Mullins, and AY714 Taegan Fink  

4.00 GPA $500 Scholarships x 6

AY674 Nicolas Moore, AY684 Joshua Burris, AY686 Casey Picarelli, AY700 Jamin Mosher, AY703 Conner Shorts, and AY706 Henry Winfrey.