Active Membership

Alpha Psi offers many opportunities to develop leadership skills for our members. We encourage our members to join Campus Organizations including the professional society for their area of study, St. Pat’s Board, Interfraternity Council, Student Council; participate in Intramural sports; and support the Student Design Center.

Theta Xi hosts numerous Leadership Development workshops throughout the school year.  Our National HQ hosts their annual leadership Academies in January.  The Rising Stars Academy provides select first year initiates the opportunity to assess and develop their leadership styles and skills.  The Vredenburgh Presidents  Academy focuses on teaching the application of leadership competencies most needed by Chapter Presidents.  The Newell Officer Academy has been redesigned to focus on equipping and training chapter officers.  Theta Xi at Missouri S&T will also host workshops/seminars each semester to provide all of our members an opportunity to assess and develop the skills necessary to lead the chapter in any capacity.

Inside the Chapter, our members are encouraged to seek leadership roles by being elected officers of the House.  For example:

    • As President, you could learn how to lead men and how to organize collaborative meetings of Brothers.
    • As House Manager, you could learn how to manage the maintenance and upkeep of our house.
    • As Social Chairman, you could be the most popular member in the house as you are responsible for the major social events for the Brothers.

House maintenance.
In addition to participating as an officer, there are other opportunities to be a Brother involved in the house.  All members get to participate in keeping the house alive and well.  Those activities include house details like cleaning, maintenance, and long term projects.   Associate Members and Active members alike are required to help maintain the house in good working order.  This is a great learning experience for students living away from home for the first time.

Recruitment of new members is critical to the future of Theta Xi.  Working to make new friends and recruit new members is the responsibility of the full membership.

Participating in the Chapter Activities.
Each member is expected to be present and participatory in the Fraternity.  This means attending fraternity meetings, workdays, intramural sporting events, etc.

Associate Member Requirements.
The process of educating our Associate Members and making them Brothers is something we at Theta Xi take very seriously. Our core education program is a proven guide to help chapters educate new members in all areas of fraternity life with emphasis on history, organization, and values.  Named in honor of Edward Morrison, who was initiated as Alpha 9 (A9) by our eight Founders, the Alpha Nine Core Associate Member Education Program divides the AM education period into eight parts and provides new members with a solid foundation in Theta Xi’s history, values, responsibilities of membership, leadership and service opportunities, and national and local chapter operations.

Each Associate Member will be expected to meet or exceed standards of conduct and performance defined in our bylaws and constitution.  There are also a number of activities for Associate Members to participate in designed to help new associate members get involved as functioning members of the Fraternity and bond with their fellow Associate Members.

Associate Member Plaque:
The Associate Member plaque is the first project to be completed by the Associate Member Class.  The plaque is modeled to resemble the Associate Member shield and is prominently displayed in our house.

Associate Member Paddle: (A leftover tradition from the past. No one gets paddled. )
Each associate member starts with a rough pine 1×4 and ends with a piece of personal art work.  Once the blank paddle is complete the Associate works his way through the house, meeting every Active Member in a quest to get each member’s signature on his paddle.  It is a great way to connect with the full membership. We have many alumni who come to visit Chapter House throughout the year – especially at Homecoming and St. Pat’s.   Associate Members are encouraged to introduce themselves to every alumni who visits.  Asking the alumni to sign their paddle is a great way to start a conversation.

In the spring, Missouri S&T Fraternities all gear up for St. Patrick’s Day.  As an Associate, the men are asked to make a shillelagh.  The shillelaghs are decorated to represent the house and carried to class for the first few days of the week prior to St. Patrick’s Day.  Afterward the shillelagh can be kept for the memories or disposed of at the will of the Associate Member.

Simply stated, we are all Brothers.  We share the duties of the house.  We treat associates just like we treat the initiated Brothers.  We learn to live on our own.  This is usually an educational opportunity for members living away from home for the first time.

If you have questions, please e-mail the Chapter President.