Theta Xi Scholarship Endowment

The Alpha Psi Alumni Association of Theta Xi is proud to announce establishment of the Theta Xi Scholarship Fund.

The past 5 years has been historic at the Alpha Psi Chapter.  We constructed and dedicated the New House, improved in Grades and recruited the very best members for Theta Xi.  All because of the generosity and support of our Alumni in supporting the New House effort.

Now we embark on the next phase of the Alpha Psi Chapter as we announce the establishment of the Theta Xi Scholarship Fund.

The purpose of the Scholarship Fund is to Recruit and Retain the very best members possible for Theta Xi.  With the help of several key Alumni, we are already at $316,500 raised against our Goal of $600,000 by August 1, 2023.

Now, we are asking our Alumni to support the Scholarship Fund to reach our goals.

Key benefits of contributing:

  • Tax deductible – Donations of any amount are tax deductible
  • The Scholarship Fund will only disburse the proceeds of the Fund investments allowing a perpetual Scholarship fund.
  • Scholarships will allow us to recruit and retain the best possible members for Theta Xi.  Future Leaders that will have a positive impact on Theta Xi in the short term and more globally long term.

Click HERE for more information and to submit your Donation.

Thank you to our generous Alumni who have already pledged their support to the Scholarship Endowment. Click here to see our list of Donors.