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The Alumni Association will put your money to work wisely!
(Typically on home improvements or maintenance)

Donation Summary

As alumni, there are many ways to stay involved with Alpha Psi and support our chapter, whether giving gifts of your time or money.  We encourage all alumni to contact the Alumni Association to discuss the many ways to stay involved for life.  Below is a list of initiatives which need your support.  If you have an interest which is not listed below, please contact us to discuss the ways you would like to contribute.

Property upkeep expertise: Structural, construction, electrical, plumbing, drainage – your expertise is always welcome and needed.  Join us for our alumni work weekends or coordinate with the active house manager to come to one of theirs.

Coordinate Rush/Brotherhood events: Help brothers gather and build relationships in your area.

Newsletter Publication: Write pieces, submit/gather photos, and organize articles.

Mentorship/Coaching Initiatives: Help us leverage your expertise and mold the actives into productive Theta Xi Men.  Make yourself available for one-on-one discussions.

Fundraising: Encourage brothers to provide financial support to the Alumni Association to fund our various initiatives.

Workshop facilitation: What is your passion?  Offer to host a workshop and share your passion with the actives.  Possible themes recruiting, money management, time management, leadership development, job hunting.

Hold Offices or serve on the Board of Directors: This is the primary way to engage with the officers of the Active Chapter.

Donations: Whether it is your time or your money, it is needed and appreciated

Any officer of the Alumni Association is glad to talk to you about how you want to support Theta Xi – now and in the future.

Contact Information

Men of Theta Xi Fraternity
1605 Pine Street
Rolla, MO 65401
(573) 364-6294

Chapter President Jaren Wright

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