Donor List

Thank You, Alpha Psi Donors
We are thankful to the following select group of alumni, who have contributed $63,377.07 since Summer 2013.  This includes a $17,000 response to our Cash Call in mid-2015.  Your generous donations of money and time have enabled us to make some much needed improvements to the existing house and annex.  Brothers in Bold are among our top 10 most generous alumni to date.  Thank you Brothers!!
Frank G. Guzzy AΨ 13
Donald E. Wiseman AΨ 41
Roy G. Miles AΨ 42
Jack E. Toliver AΨ 88
Willis R. Coats AΨ 114
Ike H. Williams AΨ 146
Jerry G. Johnson AΨ 157
Charles S. Jungers AΨ 164
Steven H. Eisert AΨ 165
David E. Henard AΨ 166
Edward M. Mark AΨ 174
Larry Ellett AΨ 179
Martin P. Stifft AΨ 183
Jerome M. Lebo AΨ 187
Kurt H. Braune AΨ 191
Richard H. Dickmann AΨ 192
Anthony F. DeJohn AΨ 199
Bradley H. Hornburg AΨ 200
Edward J. Sullivan AΨ 201
R. Gary Durney AΨ 210
Fred F Smid AΨ 211
William Kent Sterett AΨ 215
John Warner Evans AΨ 216

William S. Flatt AΨ 227
Michael F. Dunn AΨ 229
Mark Walters AΨ 230
Joseph K. Kuss AΨ 234
Peter Reinhardt AΨ 235
Jeffrey T. Buckner AΨ 249
David R. Lewis AΨ 260
Michael S. McKinney AΨ 265
Chris D. Wilson AΨ 272
John M. Bruns AΨ 284
Keith Andrew Smith AΨ 288
Stephen A. Kovac AΨ 290
Brian D. Miles AΨ 293
David A. Stockdale AΨ 301
David L. Koncak AΨ 303
Wayne G. Schaeffer AΨ 308
Kevin A. Kriewall AΨ 315
Timothy R. Speer AΨ 317
Thomas A. Blankinship AΨ 325
Jeffrey F. Zieger AΨ 326
Jeff Zeiger AΨ 326
Robert F. Schmitt AΨ 329
Randy L. Medley AΨ 331
James R. Estes AΨ 339
Jack T. McGrath AΨ 340
Jeff J. Lister AΨ 347
Maurice B. Singleton AΨ 356
Richard J. Szoke AΨ 358
Eugene B. Porter AΨ 359
Rich J. Reis AΨ 363
James P. McGrath AΨ 368
Mark A. Schlemeier AΨ 372
Keith R. Bellville AΨ 380
David A. Boedeker AΨ 381
Kristofer Jon Maschler AΨ 383
Sean D. Scott AΨ 384
Gregory M. Osbourn AΨ 399
Matthew S. Ward AΨ 408
James D. Poulsen AΨ 409
Vincent O. Baum AΨ 415
Volkan P. Becker AΨ 429
Charles G. Petit, AΨ 431
John E. Meyer AΨ 433
Craig A. Findley AΨ 434
David Scott Britt AΨ 436
Matthew P. Beard AΨ 437
Gregory C. Petit AΨ 438
Andrew M. Davids AΨ 440
Michael A. Greenway AΨ 441
Brian J. Robertson AΨ 444
Matthew J. Wilson AΨ 447
Eric D. Cloud AΨ 448
Kevin Daniel Moll AΨ 449
Brian Michael Massey AΨ 452
Gary Edward Farwig AΨ 458
Christopher George Rewczuk AΨ 464
Robert Walter Cesaric AΨ 468
Aaron Keith Barklage AΨ 470
Jeremy Matthew Hall AΨ 472
Jason Matthew Kwacz AΨ 475
Lucio George Simoni AΨ 476
Robert T. Kenmore AΨ 484
Erick James Allis AΨ 485
Jeffrey Thomas Hahn AΨ 492
Nicholas Andrew Ulmer AΨ 493
Nicholas Joseph Ereckson AΨ 494
Donald Christopher Dwyer AΨ 495
Gregory Wayne Sanders AΨ 499
Kenneth Richard Goeke AΨ 503
Peter Michael Russell AΨ 505
Alexander Wilson Lincoln AΨ 510
Matthew Anthony Funk AΨ 521
Nicholas Lewis Lueking AΨ 527
Christopher Francis Foeller AΨ 534
Matthew Joseph Struemph AΨ 553
Sean Dietz AΨ 561
Dean Spaay AΨ 567
John Evan Welch AΨ 577
Daniel Cannon AΨ 586
James Ledbetter AΨ 597

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Chapter President Jaren Wright

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