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Thank You, Generous Donors

Thank you to the following donors for their generous gifts toward Alpha Psi’s Honoring Our Past – Building Our Alpha Psi Future capital campaign. These brothers recognize the importance of ensuring the future of Alpha Psi and have demonstrated a sense of gratitude for their personal experience. Commitments are still needed from the rest of our alumni to achieve our goal and complete this major project.

Donors of $1,000 or more will be recognized in appropriate giving categories in all publications and will be recognized on a permanent donor wall, unless otherwise requested. If an error has been made in recording your gift, or your name has been mistakenly omitted, we sincerely apologize. Please advise John Meyer (AΨ433) our Campaign Chairman at (314) 413-3367 or

Founders Society
$100,000 and above

Susan and Ray R. Betz ’63, AΨ185

Unicorn Society
$50,000 to $99,999

Juncti Juvant Society
$25,000 to $49,999
Judith A.and Anthony F. DeJohn ’65, AΨ199
Connie and Brad H. Hornburg ’62, AΨ200
Carole and Mark Walters ’68, AΨ230
In Memory of
Daniel J. Llewellyn ’68, AΨ231
Mary and Mike McKinney ’71, AΨ265
Sharon and John F. Alvarez, III ’76, AΨ292
Sandy and Brian D. Miles ’76, AΨ293
Jeff T. Hahn ‘97, AΨ492
Renee and Nick J. Ereckson ’97, AΨ494
Alpha Psi Chapter

Blue & Silver Society
$10,000 to $24,999
Mary and Gene R. Russell ’55, AΨ101
In memory of
Bob “Rudy” Hess 111-1
Ike H. Williams ’60, AΨ146
In memory of
Robert B. Coulter ’60, AΨ145
Carol and Mike Brynac ’60, AΨ152
In memory of
Doc Conrad
Frank Canastar ’63, AΨ181
Fred Erdmann ’63, AΨ184
Jerry M. Lebo ’63, AΨ187
Gayle and Burt Estabrooks ’66, AΨ209
In memory of
Dave Grayston ’66, AΨ206
and Steve Nichols ’66, AΨ207
Michael F. Dunn ’68, AΨ229
Robert C. Fontinelle ’71, AΨ258
Chris Wilson ’72, AΨ 272
Robert E. Farrell ’75, AΨ282
Jeff J. Lister ’82, AΨ347
Suzanne and Mark A. Schlemeier ’85, AΨ372
David A. Boedeker ’86, AΨ381
Mark J. Takatz ’87, AΨ396
Jim D. Poulsen ’88, AΨ409
Pinnacle Design Consultants, LLC
Ron Hamme ’90, AΨ425
David Bodeen ’93, AΨ435
Kristen and John E. Meyer ’92, AΨ433
Rachel and Ken R. Goeke ’98, AΨ503
Aaron J. Trenshaw ’08, AΨ558

6294 Society
$6,294 to $9,999

Edward F. Sullivan ’65, AΨ201
Dr. John Evans ’66, AΨ216
Joseph K. Kuss ’68, AΨ234
Michael J. Jilg ’69, AΨ238 Family Gift
Daniel F. Rembold ’75, AΨ286
James R. Estes ’81, AΨ339
Eugene B. Porter ’83, AΨ359
Michael E. Horat ’83, AΨ362
Roxanne and Rich J. Reis ’83, AΨ363
Colette and Keith R. Bellville ’86, AΨ380
Michael P. Keating ’86, AΨ385
Greg Osborn ’87, AΨ399
Chris L. Shepherd ’87, AΨ401
Terry D. Rosenthal ’89, AΨ418
Charles “Chuck” Petit ’91, AΨ431
Drew M. Davids ’93, AΨ440
John C. Jilg ’93, AΨ443
Eric D. Cloud ’93, AΨ448
Gary E. Farwig ’93, AΨ458
Nikki and Jeremy Hall ’95, AΨ472
Carrie and Lucio G. Simoni ’95, AΨ476
Chris A. Therrien ’96, AΨ481
Nick Ulmer ’97, AΨ493
Greg W. Sanders ’97, AΨ499
Peter M. Russell ’98, AΨ505
Molly and Alex Lincoln ’99, AΨ 510

Ben Franklin Society
$2,500 to $6,293

Gary E. Stigall ’59, AΨ144
Jerry G. Johnson ’61, AΨ157
Patricia and Robert S. Ayars ’69, AΨ159
C. Steve Jungers ’62, AΨ164
David E. Henard ’62, AΨ166
In Memory of
Frank H. Conrad
Keith E. Talbert ’67, AΨ221
William Flatt ’68, AΨ227
Keith “Andy” Smith ’76, AΨ288
Keith Schumacher ’76, AΨ289
Elaine and Steve Kovac ’76, AΨ290
Robert F. Schmitt ’80, AΨ329
Jack T. McGrath ’81, AΨ340
Richard J. Szoke, Jr. ’83, AΨ358
Shonda and Chris Dyer ’86, AΨ379
Volkan P. Becker ’91, AΨ429
Ryan K. Fisher ’93, AΨ459
Christopher G. Rewczuk ’94, AΨ464
Aaron K. Barklage ’95, AΨ470
Erick J. Allis ’96, AΨ485
Theodore “Nick” Ragsdale ’97, AΨ496
Thomas “TJ” Yanske ’02 AΨ516
Matthew A. Funk ’03, AΨ521
Mark R. Burdick ’07, AΨ549
Dean Spaay ’09, AΨ567
Andrew Castillo ’12, AΨ592

1949 Society
$1,000 to $2,499
Richard A. Canady ’53, AΨ84
James Twyman ‘55, AΨ 108
Stanley Hays ’56, AΨ 115
Linda and Neal Wagenheim ’57, AΨ125
In Memory of
Martin Bowers, AΨ127
Doug Gaertner ‘58, AΨ 135
Thomas E. Kreichelt ‘60, AΨ148
In Memory of
Frank H. Conrad
Art Adasse ‘60, AY147
  In Memory of Karl Leonard
Dale A. James ’60, AΨ153
L. John Giltner ‘62, AΨ167
In Memory of
Bill McFadden ’63, AΨ186
William L. Herman ’69, AΨ245
Gutherie Scaggs ’64, AΨ 195
Lawrence Ross ’65, AΨ204
John D. Riege ’69, AΨ247
Jeff Buckner ’70, AΨ 249
Michael Fahy ’70, AΨ 250
Stephen Ward ’72, AΨ 269
Wayne Schaeffer ’77, AΨ308
Kevin Kriewall ’79, AΨ 315
Jeff Zieger ’80, AΨ326
Greg Krumrey ’80, AΨ 332
Maurice Singleton ’83, AΨ356
James McGrath ’85, AΨ368
Robert “Tim” Wuckowitsch ’86, AΨ377
Joe Skeeters ’86, AΨ393
Steven Baymiller ‘87, AΨ 397
Michelle and David Goetz ’87, AΨ400
Adam Madison ’88, AΨ 404
Robert M. Swan ’88, AΨ406
Vincent “Bud” Baum ’89, AΨ415
Craig A. Findley ’92 AΨ434
Jaymie and Mike Greenway ’93, AΨ441
Brian Robertson ’93, AΨ444
Michelle and Ed Schuh ’93, AΨ445
Kevin Moll ’93, AΨ 449
D. Trent Weaver ’93, AΨ450
Larry J. Ragsdale Jr. ’93, AΨ451
Brian M. Massey ’93, AΨ452
Matt Clipper ’93, AΨ453
Scott Ford ’93, AΨ 457
Bob Cesaric ‘94, AΨ 468
Jason Kwacz ’95, AΨ 475
Don C. Dwyer ’97, AΨ495
James Abbott ’97, AΨ497
Joel House ’03, AΨ524
Nicholas L. Lueking ’03, AΨ527
Richard J. Pankau ’08, AΨ552
Dylan Stevens ’09, AΨ571
Alex Lopez ’09, AΨ574
John Evan Welch ’10, AΨ577
Lewis Buchanan ’10, AΨ579
Katherine and Josh Warner ’10, AΨ580
Sam Golden ’11, AΨ589
In Memory of
AΨ Shadow
Jacob Finn ’12, AΨ590
Joe White ’12, AΨ591
Savon Holloway ’12, AΨ596
Alex Schlemeir ’15, AΨ609

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