Meet a Few of Our Current Members

zachrZach Reising, ΑΨ617
Hometown: Imperial, MO
Major: Civil/Architectural Engineering
Graduation date: May 2019
Hobbies: Cleaning

“I joined Theta Xi because I wanted a strong sense of community and work ethic. I have seen other fraternities, and to this day I would do things the same.”

Albert PerlmanAlbert Perlman, AΨ621
Major: Electrical Engineering
Graduation Date: May 2019 

I joined because Theta Xi felt like the most friendly, laid-back, and welcoming environment.  When rushing at S&T, I visited several other fraternities.  Theta Xi stuck out to me with its diversity of members. This diversity is what creates an exciting and unique atmosphere every day here.  The house has also presented me with opportunities for leadership, academic support, and plenty of fun. Primarily, I enjoy simply spending time with my brothers.  Whether its playing video games, conversing in the hall, or eating dinner, there is always good company to enjoy the activity with.  I also enjoy participating on the multitude of intramural teams and representing my fraternity. Our service projects are also rewarding experiences, especially when completed with your brothers.

Justin Miller Justin Miller, AΨ624 

I joined Theta Xi because it was one of the smaller houses that provided the right type of atmosphere I was looking for, the members that lived in house seem to be a lot of do it yourself type people, which is the way I was raised.  There is always a lot to do around Theta Xi. Our mascots, Shadow and Brutus, are always happy to go on a walk or play fetch if you ever get bored and there always seems to be a few actives doing something fun that you can join in on.  My personal goals for the chapter would have to begin with academic success.  After all the reason we are here is to go to school, so I believe that the members in house should be encouraged to perform academically to the best of their ability.



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Chapter President Jaren Wright

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