AΨ215 – Kent Sterett

DOB: 13 June 1947

Initiated: 6 February 1966

I was rushed by a 2-man team of an active and an alumnus.  The team had a great interaction with my parents, and followed up effectively invited me to visit the house when I visited campus.  The rush team ensured I spent considerable time at the house on my trip to Rolla.  The actives that were at the house went to great lengths to make me feel at home.  I was interested in activities the house was involved (spelunking, and the active brewery – the beer was not bad).  Another selling point was that room and board was less than other options.

BSME-Missouri School of Mines

MBA-University of Florida (FIU)

Post-Grad Nuclear Engineering – MIT

CEO, Premier Performance

CEO, Capital Prize Mines

CEO, Clear Creek Power

Wife – Diana (Anniversary: 18 December)

Daughter – Michelle

Sons – Ryan, Greg and Jeff

Lives in Littleton, CO

Contact Information

Men of Theta Xi Fraternity
1605 Pine Street
Rolla, MO 65401
(573) 364-6294

Chapter President Jaren Wright

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